10 comentários em “ORM – symfony e propel

  1. James disse:

    Looks good. Maybe provide an english version or specify the language at http://www.symfony-project.com/trac/wiki/CheatSheets ?

  2. Andy disse:

    Yeah, that could be fine. Thanks in advance 🙂

  3. James and Andy, thanks for reply!
    The english version is available in my flickr photoset.
    I´ve updated the links in trac 🙂

  4. Eric disse:

    Sorry for a simple question: How do I print/save the English version on flickr?

  5. dreadwarrior disse:

    you have to register at flickr and then you’re able to download it.

    @andreia: please release the picture as public, so non-registered flickr-users are able to download the picture. thank you!

  6. Eric and dreadwarrior:

    Sorry for the delay in my response.
    I changed the license in Flickr to CC and you can download now 😉

    I’ve now added the PDF format too (English and Portuguese).

    Thanks for report!

  7. dreadwarrior disse:

    great! thank you very very much for your work on this cheatsheets =)

  8. shibby disse:

    Thank you for this cheatsheet, it’s very informative and easy to understand.

    What program did you use for making it? Is it something changeable like let’s say some Microsoft Visio file? If so, could you make the source file available for translators?


  9. […] PDF version [english and portuguese] […]

  10. […] PDF version [english and portuguese] […]

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