Symfony Cheat Sheet – Estrutura de diretório e CLI (linha de comando)

Esta é a primeira de uma série de referências rápidas (cheat sheets) sobre o framework symfony que estarei postando.

Symfony Cheat-Cheet

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39 comentários em “Symfony Cheat Sheet – Estrutura de diretório e CLI (linha de comando)

  1. Michael Nolan disse:

    Any chance of the PDF version in English? Very impressed!

  2. […] sheet php symfony Just stumbled across this very useful cheat sheet for symfony. My portugese is a little… erm… rusty but it seems to be by Andréia Bohner […]

  3. COil disse:

    Thanks for the cheatsheet, very nice ? May be i could help to translate it in french ?

  4. COil: Of course! Contributions are welcome 🙂

  5. COil's Blog disse:

    Brves de comptoir n1

    I found a nice Symfony cheatsheet for the console commands. You can find it on the blog of Andreia, there is also a schema representing the integration of the Propel ORM inside Symfony….

  6. eax disse:

    Anyone to translate it in french ?

  7. disse:

    Symfony cheatsheet

    Andéia Bohner nous a préparé un excellent cheatsheet pour symfony. Il présente notamment la structure de base des fichiers d’un site construit avec symfony et les commandes symfony disponibles en ligne de commande.

  8. Rogério Morais disse:

    Muito boa.

  9. François Georgy disse:

    Thanks a lot for this very useful cheatsheet.

  10. diego disse:

    Muito bom Andréia. Valeu mesmo!

  11. symfoniac disse:

    i would like to translate it into german but didn’t find any contact information.
    Could you contact me at arthur *at* arthurkoziel *dot* de ?


  12. […] 8th, 2007 by Andréia Bohner Continuando a publicação das referências sobre o framework symfony, esta segunda inicia a série sobre os […]

  13. […] June 20th, 2007 I recently translated Andréia Bohner’s CLI cheat sheet in german. You can find the JPG and PDF version of the german translation in this post. […]

  14. breno disse:


  15. […] generator cheat sheet Directory structure and CLI View View: Partials, Components, Slots and Component Slots Form Helpers Javascript and Ajax Helpers […]

  16. Idetrorce disse:

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  17. Satya Prakash disse:

    It is very informational and design is very good.


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  19. […] cheatsheet est disponible ici, en portugais, anglais et […]

  20. Zoseacasoub disse:

    Snx for you job!
    It has very much helped me!

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  34. […] Structure and CLI par Andréia Bohner Un rappel de la structure par défaut des répertoires dans Symfony ainsi qu’un brève […]

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